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What started out with us making a simple t-shirt has now become an international brand and a movement that is growing each and every day with a message we believe is so important for all to hear.

We truly believe that the word “patriot” is not limited to a certain type of person or group but that it is a word that describes each and every individual in this world that love their countrylove the people who live therewant to see it thrive in every way and will work and fight to make it so.

July 4th
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Hoodies and Jackets
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Patriotism is Not Partisan - United We stand, Divided We Fall.

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Blackout Tee
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Eastern Idaho State Fair 2022

Eastern Idaho State Fair 2022


The Eastern Idaho State Fair is an event close to our hearts. As Idahoans ourselves, it was pretty amazing to meet so many members of our own community up close and personal. Some members of our OPG Ambassador family were able to come out and volunteered at our booth. We met incredible people along the way, had impactful conversations with many of you, and left feeling an even stronger sense of community than we had ten days prior. There seems to be a theme of crazy weather-related events recently, and we got to experience some high-intensity winds this time around, but the stakes of our tents stayed as strong as our resolve to share our message that Patriotism has no race, religion, color, or party. Through the process, we met some incredible people, and a few even joined our OPG family by the end of the week. It’s an event we won’t soon forget, and we can’t wait to return next year!

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